Friday, November 16, 2007

Sandals and ipod

Apologies! Had been so busy lately. Did do some baking on the weekends, but have not even uploaded the files from camera to computer yet.... So I'll share some pics of cake I've done some time ago.

This one's for my nephew's 21 birthday. A 'cool' cake - beach theme, complete with sandals, 'sand' sea shells, starfish, a crab and the indispensable ipod for the young adult. Everything is edible, except the 'screen' of the ipod which is just a piece of paper.

The straps of the sandals of strips of licorice. Sea shells, crab, starfish are all made of fondant. The ipod is biscuit wrapped with fondant. I am especially proud of the ear phones, I thought they look quite real. *argghh* cannot find a close-up pic of the ear phones.

Anyway, a lot of his guests were amazed by the cake and they actually ate up the earphones and the ipod...