Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Angry Birds

Until now, I've been too busy and un-inspired to do any serious cake decorations. We celebrated our family birthdays in the past few months with store bought cakes. All of a sudden, in April, I baked and decorated three cakes in a week. Thoroughly exhausted! I probably over-strained my hands, as I've been feeling palm cramps and my thumbs hurt and i have a blue-black at the base of my palm. Never had that before and feeling a wee-bit worried.

This first cake is one that I truly enjoyed making. Since I saw a 'playable' angry birds cake on the internet, I'd been inspired. But I had no idea where to get a slingshot and how to fix it on a cake board. So my cake is not playable. Cake was made for brother-in-law.

Love the overall look of this cake. With its rugged 'structures'.

I made most of the birds. Except the green one.

The slingshot was made with chocolate fondant, with wire hidden inside.

I love the naughty pigs too.

I did not make the structures using fondant/gumpaste. I saved time by using wafers and biscuits. With a little royal icing to stick them firmly together. I used these :

Too bad they were no longer crispy by the time the cake was cut, but they held up well.

I used the same wafers to make a treasure chest for my 'under-the-sea' themed cakes. Stay tuned.