Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Under the Sea

Never will I take two cake orders on the same day, ever! Unless after my kitchen is upgraded, with a bigger oven that will allow me to bake more than one cake at a time.

The request was for two cakes for two little boys celebrating their first birthday. Each cake to feed 25 people. I could have opted for a single tier 9'' cake, but 'smarty-pants' me opted to make two 2-tier cakes instead. So I had to bake four cakes, one at a time and it took me almost the entire day! I still had to tend to three children in between. Only managed to start decorating at night!

The first cake - Finding Nemo theme.

Little Nemo crafted from fondant. I took care to make sure one fin is tiny, like in the movie.

Here's Dory. I had a hard time trying to achieve the right shade of blue. She needed lots of colour. I tried to give her, her signature wide smile.

The second cake was completed the following day. In between bringing my youngest to KK hospital to see her dietician. Nathalie is still allergic to lots of food items, but she's growing well, Praise the Lord!

I love this second cake even more. Mini diver searching for treasure.

See the sea shell with pearls in the above pic? I dusted the pearl with lustre dust.

I stuffed some chocolate gold coins into the treasure chest.

See how imperfectly the cake is covered? See the creases! I am blaming it to the new tub of fondant i just bought. **Ashamed**

Love the little diver. Notice that the hair is 'standing' and 'swaying' with the waves. :)

I also made a 'half' mini Nemo and stick it to the cake using a toothpick.

Here's a happy looking crab. <3

I am so glad its over, but even more glad to have added these cakes to my 'done!' list.