Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nature Cake

This cake was created for a colleague's daughter. She's eighteen, loves nature and favourite colour is lime green. I was unable to achieve lime green from my set of Wilton's colours but I did manage to add many details into the cake so that it looked interesting.

A monkey, as she was born in the year of the monkey

A tiny red bird to add colour. I later found out from my colleague that Lydia''s favourite colour at the moment is red!

Tiny ducks.

A frog. And butterflies using one of the latest sugar tools I got myself.

I forgot to tell my colleague not to place cake in fridge. The lemon pound cake and buttercream was dense and hard right out of the fridge. I had used the cake recipe from Rose's Heavenly Cakes and buttercream recipe from Okashi. I did not get to try the cake, but the buttercream was light and heavenly. I cannot wait to try it on cupcakes, to make those swirly cream toppings.