Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ballerina Cakes

Wow, have not updated my blog for more than three months already!

Am expecting my third child and the first trimester wasn't fun. So was certainly in no mood to bake nor decorate cakes. Now that the 'toilet bowl is my best friend' period is over, I can pick up my whisk again!

Apologies to my family for not baking them their special birthday cakes! I will now be able to bake and decorate for birthdays between June and September.

No new pictures to post yet, but here are two cakes that I baked for a friend's daughter. The 3-D cake was a trial cake, the 2-D one is the actual birthday cake.

This cake was inspired by Debbie Brown's ballerina cake. The ballerina figurine is fondant. The dress is a small 7 inch cake. I cut the top of the cake to resemble the folds of the dress. The ruffles underneath are just piped whipped cream. The bottom is just a 10 inch sponge cake, with rosettes and garlands.

This trial cake was shown to my family and drew lots of criticism, hence I dropped the idea of making this cake for the birthday girl.

This is the second cake.

I adore this cake. I thought it looked lovely with two toned stage curtains and a wooden stage. The ballerina looked much more adoable too. I even managed to put some sparkles on the dress.

Phoon Huat stores had been out of Wilton fondant for the longest time. I certainly miss fiddling with fondant. Anyone tried the house brand fondant before? Any comments?