Saturday, September 6, 2008

First Puff Pastry

A colleague of mine recently bought a pack of almond puff pastry and shared with me. It tasted really good. Light and crispy and fragrant. So when I came across the recipe in a book that I borrowed from the library, I just cannot resist trying it. And the best thing is, its SO easy! Especially if you buy ready made puff pastry, which I did.

These are the almond ones, with lots of granulated sugar, as hubby complained that the first batch was not sweet enough.

Also made a batch without almonds as my dear daughter does not like them.

All you have to do is brush show water on the frozen pastry sheet, sprinkle almonds on top then use a rolling pin to roll over so that the almonds stick to the pastry. Then sprinkle as much sugar as you desire and cut into shape. Bake in 170 degree C oven for about 20-25 minutes. Then enjoy!

Brought these to my cell group BS. The children loved it, so did the adults!

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