Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, my little lamb!

My little boy's birthday is in Oct and every year we celebrate his birthday by having a party at home, inviting some of our close friends and their children. This year, we decided to do it differently, by inviting his friends in school. And since I'm still in confinement, we outsourced it to McDonalds. Both my children are fans of McDonalds.. well, which kid isn't?
But having experienced McDonald's frozen birthday cake, I insisted on baking my own.

Here's my conversation with the birthday boy on cake design :

'Boy, what design you want on the cake?'
'Mummy, what year am I born in?'
'No! I mean which animal year?'
'Year of the lamb.'
'Then put lamb on the cake loh!'
'OK.. I make the lamb read a book.'
'How about the lamb play Wii?'
'Huh? That's too difficult.'
'How about the lamb reading a book, but thinking of Wii?'

So, here's the cake, not quite what he asked for, but close....

Its a 2 tier chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.. but I used whipped cream decorations as I do not want a 'dark coloured' cake.

Here's a close up on the lamb. Notice the Wii remote too? The whole lamb is fondant.

The kids have lots of fun. My boy certainly enjoyed the party.

Happy Birthday, Gabriel. May the Lord shine his face upon you and bestow his blessings on you. May you grow up to love and fear the Lord. Amen.


gina said...

in confinement and still have the energy to bake such a beautiful cake? Thank God for Mothers! Beautiful lamb you have made. By the way, I thought the Chinese zodiac was for a Goat? there are no lambs in China. :)

bakeAstory said...

hi gina, confinement, but I miss baking terribly! I have a long list of items that I want to bake once this month is over!
Yeah, you are right, the chinese zodiac is a goat, but its not as cute as a lamb. My boy used to be very timid and we like to call him 'xiao mian yang' which means little woolly sheep. So used a lamb to represent.