Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Poor Nathalie

Poor Nathalie.. caught the flu bug. Must had come from the sister or brother who were down with flu and fever two weeks ago.

The PD had to insert a little tube through her tiny nostril to suck out the phelgm. She cried till her eyes were puffy and red but the relief was only shortlived. By the time we left the doctor's office, I could hear the phelgm already.

She had difficulty sleeping as she struggle to breath when laid flat. I could hear the thick mucus when she breaths. Had to put pillows under her bed to prop her up, but that means she keep sliding downwards and I had to check on her every half hour (if I can wake up) to adjust her.

She is drinking less too. Too much milk and she might vomit.

Now she had started to cough too.

Yet, as she struggled with the flu bug, she continued to reward me with her beautiful smile. A smile that reminded me that she is God's creation and I should entrust her into God's hands to make her well again.

Please pray for her speedy recovery.


gina said...

poor baby..I remember when my elder girl was a baby, it was just as bad. So the PD back then gave her medication to be added to the milk. the med breaks down the phelgm and will be passed out in the poo. to help her breath better at night, we turn off the air con and had the fan on(if its too hot at night) and rub some Vicks(for kids type) on her chest and back. There is a type of methol oil which you can use to drop on the baby can breathe it in, and help to clear the airways.

bakeAstory said...

Hi gina,
thanks for the advise. Yes, the PD did give some medicine to help dissolve the phelgm plus some nose drops. She had been very restless today, otherwise the phelgm seem to have reduced somewhat.