Friday, June 27, 2008

Hands-on cookie baking for kids

I did not send my children for any enrichment classes during the holidays at all, felt a little guilty. So when I read in the papers about many parents sending their children for cookie baking and decoration workshops, I decided to try that at home.

Chose a simple recipe from Wilton's year book and let my kids help scoop flour, sugar, etc. They had fun, but they also made a huge mess, with my daughter trying to pick up every grain of sugar she dropped on the table to put into her mouth.
Here is my 'almost three' year old daughter working hard to roll the dough. Notice the beads of perspiration and smudges of flour on her forehead.

And my 'almost 5' year old boy hard at work too...

The results (a sample of them.. forgot to take pictures of the baked cookies) :

- Its fun and cheap to do this at home, but messy
- Needs patient on part of the parent, no wonder some parents pay others to do this
- The wilton recipe is far too sweet
- Not sure if its over-handling of the dough, the cookie is hard like stone
- Girls seems naturally better than boys on this, my girl proved it

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