Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A birthday cake for a mom and grandmother

This is probably my fifth cake order. A colleague and friend ordered this cake for her mommy. I learnt that her mommy adores her two grandchildren and her favourite past time is shopping. So I created this custom cake for her.

A teeny tiny teddy for the girl .. probably the size of a 10 cents coin.

And a last minute addition .. the little boy's favourite doraemon. A feeble attempt, really. But my hubby thinks it looks cute in a funny way, so I decided to add that in anyway.

I had loads of fun creating this cake ... but spent way too much time that I felt like a lousy mommy myself.


Amy said...

Very beautiful cakes. I was wondering if you made your own fondant or if you bought your fondant. Love the sculptures. If you make it can you give me the recipe and share how you get the great colors. I just started cake decorating about 6 months ago and love it. I have learned everything from my major(pottery0, the internet, Food Network and books. So, any help would be great. My husband is a Presbyterian Pastor and already this has been an awesome supplemental income, plus, blessing to friends and family. Thanks so Much. In Christ.

bakeAstory said...

Hi Amy,
I've only tried making fondant once, but without much success. The dough was hard to handle. I use wilton mostly as it is readily available at phoon huat and very easy to use. Taste wise its not nice, but since I use it for modelling and not for covering cakes, I figure its OK coz few people eat the figures anyway. But I've made gumpaste before. If you want recipe, you can email me. As for colours, I use wilton gel colours. Sometimes you need to mix some colours together to get 'livelier' colours. Eg is brown with a little red. and green with a little yellow.
Email me if you need any other info. God bless.

Sue said...

I am amazed of all the beautiful cakes you decorated. Wonderful and speechless.