Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthday cupcakes

Baked these lovely cupcakes for a colleague's birthday. Cupcakes were chosen because they are less time consuming to bake and decorate, yet the results were so lovely.

These are cherry cupcakes with low fat chocolate ganache, topped with a simple fondant cutout.

Recipe for low fat Chocolate Ganache

180g dark chocolate
1 tub of light sour cream (200ml)

1. Take sour cream out from fridge, let it warm up to room temp. This is important, else chocolate will seize when cold sour cream is poured on it.
2. Melt dark chocolate.
3. Mix the two together until well blended. No need to use mixer, just a spoon will do.
4. Use immediately.

If you refrigerate the ganache, let it warm to room temperature before spreading on cake. On the same principle, it tastes better at room temp.


shaniatan said...

Hi, I would like to know how you make the cutout fondants!
They look absolutely gorgeous!

alemap said...

Hallo! May I know what do u use for ur deco and how to go abt doing them? Thank u v much for ur help, I wna make a surprise one for my bro's 21st! U can email me at

Pamela :)