Sunday, March 22, 2009

Orange Cotton Cheesecake

My son Gabriel loves this cotton cheesecake. (He told me to type this)

My hubby bought me this book from Msia - Agnes Chang's 'I can Bake'. It has many recipes, from cakes to cookies to bread. I had this book for almost a year already, but hardly tried anything from there, cause I'm almost always distracted by the wonderful recipes I find online. Finally got to bake this cotton cheesecake for my cellgroup meeting.

The recipe calls for a 10 inch square tin, but my little oven is unable to accomodate a water bath tin bigger than that.. so I settled for a 10 inch round and a 7 inch square. I only managed to take pictures of the square one.

As the name implies, the cheesecake is cotton soft. Very fluffy and nice. Its not too cheesy. Personally, I find it not cheesy enough. But some people prefers it this way, as its less jelat.

It has a nicely browned top.

Fluffy interior.

Orange Cotton Cheesecake

250g cream cheese
220ml fresh milk
100g butter

70g plain flour, sifted
20g corn flour, sifted
60g caster sugar
6 egg yolks
1 orange, grated rind and squeezed juice

6 egg white
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
60g caster sugar

1. Put the cream cheese and fresh milk into a double boiler. Double boil till the cream cheese has melted. Remove from heat, add butter, stir till the butter has melted and leave to cool.
2. Add A into cooled cream cheese mixture and stir well to form batter
3. Whisk B till thick and glossy (soft peaks form), fold into cream cheese mixture till well combined
4. Pour cake mixture into non-greased 10"square baking tin ( I lined the bottom of the pan with baking paper)
5. put baking tin into a large roasting pan half filled with hot water. Steam bake at 150 degree for 1.5 hours till golden brown and cooked.
6. Remove cake from the oven, invert the cake onto a cake rack and leave to cool completely.

Other variations
- for lemon cotton cheesecake, use one lemon to substitute orange
- for mocha cotton cheesecake, use two tbsp instant coffee dissoved in 4 tbsp hot milk to substitute orange


. said...

I am actually looking at agnes chang's "yummy cheesecake" cookbook. I am a bit confuse as the recipe is a little different from yours.

250g softened cream cheese
45g softened margarine
100g dairy whipping cream
100g fresh milk

100g low protein flour
6 egg yolks

6 egg whites
100g caster sugar
1/2 cream of tartar.

It also say bake 170% for 30 min.

Actually I was wondering base on your experience, so you think the recipe I got is ok? I mean I am very confuse as most of the recipe only back for 30 min but when i check most of the blogs, usually the cheesecake you and other great moms bake or 1.5 hours or even more.

bakeAstory said...

I think your recipe is OK.. it is actually very similar to the one that I did. But oven temperature is much higher, hence the shorter baking time. I suggest you test for doneness after the 30 minutes. If necessary then bake longer. If the top is too brown, cover with aluminium foil.

I baked for about 1 hour for the 10 inch round and 1 hour 15 minutes for the 7 inch square. No particular reason for that.. I was just running out of time for the first cake. Both turned out well.. did not affect texture.

The thing about baking is.. you just have to try it.. then the confidence will come.

Have fun.

. said...

Thanks for your advise. Another amateur question; you mention "test for doneness after the 30 minutes" How to test ? Normal cake I test by using the skewer, but cheese cake how to test?


bakeAstory said...

this is a fluffy kind of cake for the dense cheesecake, so a skewer test should work.

. said...


Sue said...

I tried your recipe in a 7inch square and some cupcakes paper cups. Those in the cupcakes paper cups turn out nice and soft, but the one in the 7 inch square was wet at the bottom. I bake for 1 hour 30 min.

Anyway, everyone loves it. Thank you for sharing it.