Friday, March 20, 2009

Polo Buns

Its the school holidays. Took couple of days off to keep the children company. Plus also use the extra free time to bake. Tried my hands at polo buns. I've heard how tasty they are, but have never tried them.

Mine looks like this.

Not quite as pretty as the ones I saw on the internet. Taste wise, its OK. When fresh out of the oven, the covering dough was a little crispy, but the taste was not as buttery as what I expected. Maybe the quality of butter was not that good, I used the relatively cheap ones from Phoon Huat 'Greenfields'.

The bun was really soft. I used a recipe from Creative Culinaire. Even after two days, pop into the microwave at high for 20 s and its still as soft as before.

Proofed, but before baking:

I mixed some butter and icing sugar and put some into each bun. I've done this before for butter buns and they tasted delicious. But this time, the taste of butter was so mild.... lesson learnt.. don't stinge on butter.

For variation, I made some garlic butter buns too.

To my surprise, little Samantha loved this batch of buns. She polished off almost 4 in 2 days.

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Missy said...

so lovely! i love polo bun