Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Nathalie!!

Actually her birthday is on 2 October, a Friday. But we had an early celebration yesterday with family members and friends. Nathalie was truly a bundle of joy, she was friendly with everyone and had loads of fun.

I invited a friend and her family to help me with the decorations, unfortunately they could make it. But look what they sent me - a complete decoration pack!!

1) Birthday Banner : 'HAPPY' done by the very creative son, 'BIRTHDAY' done by the artistic dad, 'NATALIE' done by the beautiful daughter, banner assembled by the very talented wife

2) Ribbons : beautiful pink, yellow, green ribbons. Loads of them. One set of them even linked up for the cake table.

3) Balloons : '1st birthday balloon', lots of cute little balloons and complete with balloon pump

4) Table cloth : pink and white table cloth for the cake table

5) Stationery : scissors, double-sided tape, extra heavy duty double sided tape, etc. How thoughtful!

Thanks Andrew, Kris, Wei Ian and Rae. I am so grateful!

As usual, I spent my whole morning and afternoon creating the birthday cake. The main cake is a 10 inch carrot cake. I omitted walnuts this time simply because I ran out of walnuts. I think it tasted better. :-) Nathalie has a favourite lion puppet which I tried to re-create here. Teddy is to fill some empty space. The yellow flowers adorning the side of the cake is marshmellow.

Here's my little princess in the same dress as the sugar figurine.

For our group pictures, she was always smilling and waving. She has this totally adorable 'Miss Universe' type wave. :-)

OK. Back to the cake. A 10 inch cake is definitely not enough for my 40 guests. So I made some chocolate cupcakes filled with M&Ms. The M&Ms were a mistake. The cupcakes were speckled with blots of blue, green, yellow, red.... I though the M&Ms won't melt as they were bakable ones, but they failed me. However, I did manage to dress all 18 cupcakes prettily, each one a different design - flowers, ribbons, animals and even a basket.

Each child had their own favourite and thankfully no clashes. My favourite is the little lion. Took me 1.5 hours to decorate them all. Unfortunately I did not have the time to take a picture of each cupcake.

Here's the cake and cupcake assembled.

Here's my prayer for my little princess.

Lord, we thank you for this little bundle of joy. You have given us the most perfect gift. We pray that you cover her with your mercy, wisdom and protection. Have mercy and heal her of her allergies and relief her from the itchiness and rashes that bothers her ever so often. Give her the wisdom that comes from knowing and fearing you. Cover her with your protection, that she may grow up healthy and strong. We ask for all these in the most precious name of Jesus, Amen.

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