Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gabriel's mini golf cake

Whoa.. have not updated this blog for sometime. Had been busy whipping up homestyle pot roast, peking duck, pizzas, cheesecakes, steaks etc... virtually, that is. Had been faithfully playing the facebook game called 'Cafe World', checking-in everday to make sure my customers have food to eat.. haha.
Did not do much real baking during this time, but tried try my hands at cooking new dishes - steamed three-colour egg, 'wah tan hor fun', herbal chicken roll, etc. My hubby says I'm a cookbook cook so the results is highly dependent on the quality of recipes.

We celebrated my son, Gabriel's birthday at McDonalds again this year, with his K2 classmates. I got him to look through the latest Wilton's yearbook to choose a design that he liked. I had wanted him to pick the pirate cake on the cover, but he picked this mini golf cake.

I really must stop getting my children to pick their own designs. I told him 'I don't have that cake stand' and 'that's too much cake for 15 children'. He looked through the book again and concluded 'that's the only cake I like leh'.

So, here is my version of the mini-golf cake.

Yes.. it looked messy and amateurish. I had a big scare that day. The party was after church, so I left the cake at home, covered with shrink wrap as I had no cake box of the right size. The shrink wrap was a huge mistake! I think it trapped the heat inside and caused the fondant to melt! I did not realise it until the cake started to slide badly when my race-car driving hubby drove us to the birthday venue! It slided a good 8 cm, almost off the cake board. The car ride was the worst journey in my life. I tried to balance the cake the entire journey and at the same time. fomulating plan B in case the cake did not make it to the party.

Fortunately, it did. Look at the picture above and you'd see how hole 2 has slided to the side of the cake, the crack on the front and smeared chocolate at the front too. Thankfully, the worst damage was at the back which was not so important.

I had problems making the little golfers stand, so I put little cardboards behind them to prop them up and a skewer to hold them in place.

This little lady golfer right at the bottom had weird looking eyes because one of them fell off during the journey and I had to fix her urgently, without tools. Hahaha...

Anyway, the kids had a great time. And the adults were impressed with the cake.. still. I get too easily stressed up for my own good, signature of the Melancholic.


faithy, the amateur baker said...

I'm sure your child loved your cake and appreciate your efforts which is most important than a perfect looking cake! :)

bakeAstory said...

Hi Faithy,
Thanks much for your encouragement. Sometimes I do let the perfectionist part of me take a toll on my sanity and forget to enjoy the things before me. Once I stopped freting, i enjoyed the party too.

Jo said...

I would certainly not call this amatuerish .. it's beautiful! I'm sure your boy had a ball of a time cutting this cake.

Richard Gottfried said...

Excellent Mini Golf themed cake. Love the windmill and loop the loop!