Sunday, November 29, 2009

BOSS cake

Did this quite some time ago. For my boss. I only did the sugar figurine only as the cake was already ordered from one of the hotels.

Here's wishing for better results in the next financial year.

Its a square piece of biscuit, brushed with a little sugar syrup and then wrapped in fondant. Then I used edible ink to draw on it.

Just wondering if anyone interested to attend a free fondant figurine class? Will be quite free end december, provided I don't go for a last minute holiday. If you are interested, please write me. It will be in Singapore, of course.


FATMUM said...

Hi Bake-a-story, can count me in? I'm keen. Thanks in advance. :)

puayai said...

yes, v interested ... pls count me in!

Sherynn Tay said...

i'm interested too :D
(but i can't attend if your lesson falls on 11Dec and 14-18Dec)

Linda's Corner said...


I'm keen, please inform me.