Saturday, October 23, 2010

Geronimo Stilton For Gabriel

Gabriel loves to read Geronimo Stilton books, like many of his peers in primary school. He has a collection of almost 20 now. When I was thinking hard about the design of his birthday cake, he suggested Geronimo Stilton. I researched on the internet but alas, google only returned two Geronimo Stilton cakes and both were 2D. Gabriel was not impressed. So I turned to his stack of books to seek inspiration. This book was chosen.

I incorporated elements of the book into the cake and this is Mr Stilton, complete with glasses and magnifying glass, as in the book.

His party was held at Lilliputt, Singapore's only 18 hole mini golf. Thank God its indoors, the haze situation is BaaaD.
The mini golfers had a great time!!
This is Gabriel and Zachary. The only kid from his class that turned up. I was really upset about the parents not bothering to RSVP to the invite at all. Some of the children told Gabriel they will come, but I never heard from the parents. And true enough, they did not turn up. I believe it is basic courtesy to just RSVP! So much food wasted.

Our lady golfers.

Start with a short briefing. The staff at Lilliputt were so attentive and patient. Great place to hold a party.

The 18 holes were uniquely Singapore and lots of fun too.

This mini golfer too young to play. But the staff were kind enough to lend her a golf ball and she had fun putting them into the various 'mechanisms'.

Singing happy birthday. Can tell by their face how much fun they had.


Susan: My Food Obsession said...

OMG! Your cake is amazing :)

dailydelicious said...

Hi, Bakeastory

Sorry for answering you so late, I just finish making this cake in 7 inches round cake tin today.
If you want to bake this cake in 7 inches you have to use 1 and a half of this batter, and the baking time will be 35 minutes ^^.