Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nathalie is Two!

October is a busy, busy month. Its the end of the company's financial year which means work is extra busy. It is also the month that we have two birthday celebrations at home - Nathalie's at the beginning of the month and Gabriel's towards the end. Two other celebrations in between, so a total of four cakes to bake and decorate!
Its amazing how much Nathalie has grown in the past few months. She captures my heart with her every move and speech. And yes, she speaks really well now, in full sentences. She likes to say 'I show you something first', 'Mommy, can I play ipad/phone? can?', '├Łeah, TV Show!' and many more. She loves to sing Twinkle twinkle little star, Nobody but you, ABC song and is a great dancer. She brings so much joy to me and my family.

Unfortunately, she is still allergic to many food items, which restricts her diet to rice, fish, vegetable and pork. She had not tasted ice cream yet, so while the older children eat ice cream, she gets a cup of ice. But she enjoys it as much as the others enjoy their ice cream. Many a times, she will ask to taste the food we are eating and when we told her how it might give her rashes, she will clasp her hands and bow her head in prayer, to ask God to take away her multiple allergies. Yes Lord, we pray each day for Your mercy on Nathalie!

For her second birthday, we had a small family BBQ to celebrate. I engaged Gabriel to help with the decorations.

This is the signage done by Gabriel.

If you are wondering what's that purple and green animal/thing, its Barney. Nathalie loves Barney.
And he did this on the white board.
I love how he signed off with 'Written and illustrated by Gabriel Tan Jia Xu'.
The girls had some playdough fun. I made my own playdough at home. Its so cheap and easy! No more buying commercial playdough.
Barney and friends came bursting out of the cake to celebrate with us!
I love Barney's purplish-pink colour! I love how the cake turned out.
As we sang 'Happy Birthday', Nathalie happily clapped along. She did not even fuss when Samantha blew out her candle for her. We had to re-light the candle and she did a great job blowing them out.
See how cheeky the other two kids are!

You are my pride and my joy, Nathalie. May God bless you endlessly and protect you always. Amen.

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