Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Carousel Cake

So, this is the design my daughter picked, about a month ago.

I tried to talk her out of it by showing her other designs. Usually she is easily distracted, but somehow this time, she remembered really well that its a carousel or merry-go-round cake she wanted.

I read the instructions many times and keep wondering if I can ever succeed. Anyway, don't think friends and family will mind, so I took up the challenge.

I started my preparations one week early, making the horses and flowers. They need time to dry. I made four of these modelling paste (edible) horses. On hind sight, I should have made an extra one to allow for breakage.

Then I made about 120 of the small flowers (40 in each colour) and 16 of the bigger flowers.

On Friday, I fell sick... down with flu and cough, but still have to continue. I baked and decorated the top tier first. I chose my favourite mango cream cake as top tier. As it uses fresh cream, I am not able to use gum paste to make the top. Instead, I baked two eight inch cakes, stacked them, shaped them, then decorate.

Unfortunately I could not divide the top into eight equal pieces, so it was a little lop-sided.

The next day, Saturday, I got more sick.. started to have a fever. Took my panadol and slept until I felt well enough to bake and decorate.

I chose carrot cake for the bottom tier. Have not tried this type of tiered cake before, so thought I'd be better off with a more sturdy bottom tier, rather than a light sponge cake. Here's the decorated bottom tier, the decoration is easy for this one, just add all the flowers and pipe some leaves.

Here's the final cake, finally!

My very kind family and friends gave me lots of oohs and aahs for the cake (thanks!). Some say my decoration skills have reached a higher level (because its a higher 2 tier?). Taste wise, the carrot cake was a hit with my friends. My family felt it was too sweet, prefering the mango cake. The kids came queuing up for the fondant flowers.

What I will do better the next time (if there's a next time...when someone engage me to make this cake..) :

1) use a smaller size flower - more dainty
2) make the horses bigger
3) make the top tier 9 inch instead
4) get a tool that can help equally divide the cake, so won't be lopsided
5) take better pictures, don't think the pictures taken really do justice to the cake...

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tj said...

Wow This cake is awesome and has inspired me to give it a go