Monday, July 7, 2008

Cinammon Sticky Buns

The other day, a friend brought us some sticky cinammon buns. It was very sweet, but the sticky syrup makes it moist and nice. I've made cinammon buns before, the non-sticky type, using my breadmaker cinammon roll recipe, but the resultant buns are tough after one day.

So I scoured the internet for recipes. I am so thankful for the internet, you can virtually find anything there. Hmm.. before google.. where did all the questions go?

Anyway, found that the Daring Bakers had a challenge on 'Cinammon Rolls and Sticky Buns' before and all the bakers agree that the recipe was easy enough and the results fantastic. I decided this is the perfect recipe for me to try.

So here's my version of the sticky buns.

I've added toasted almond nibs and dried cranberries. The result is absolutely yummy, especially when slightly warmed.

These are the non-sticky version, but without the sugar glaze. Strangely, my kids prefer this version.

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