Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another mermaid cake

Just celebrated by dear daughter's birthday. There were two celebrations - one in the pre-school that she attends and another with family and friends.

Last week had been a really busy week. Its aspire planning time for next financial year, so was having a hard time trying to come up with ideas for the cake. My daughter already has her mind fixed on one cake design from the Wilton decoration book - the carousel design!! Gasp! Kind of regret showing the design to her. She even asked me 'Is it too difficult, mummy?'. Anyway, I tried and will post my version in the next blog update.

So for the school, I made a mermaid cake.. again... Think the previous version is much better. Then, I had a whole Saturday to mold the mermaid. This time round, I only have that few hours after work, because its a weekday.

The teachers were all praises. :-) Raving about how different this cake is from store bought and they love the taste of the cake too. The English teacher even said I made her day! So Sweet!

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Jewelry Stop girls said...

wow o luv it. i was thinking of making for my little sister, ive been looking for a recipe on the internet but i really likke this one so can u just please write it down on ur blog so i can see it? thanx i will check back in a day or two