Thursday, August 28, 2008

My first fondant covered cake!

A friend and colleague wanted a cake for her daughter's 8th birthday. Initial request was for the mermaid cake... but I've made that cake couple of times already and will really love to try something else.

My imagination went a little wild.. then I suggested a castle cake. Friends being friends... not demanding.. phew! I struggled with whether to make it a fresh cream cake or put my new found fondant skills to use and make a fondant covered cake. I decided on fondant. Then I received news that the birthday girl prefers vanilla cake! I don't think my favourite vanilla sponge cake recipe will suit a fondant covered cake! So I scouted high and low and finally settled on a vanilla butter cake recipe.

Here's the final cake. Due to a lack of the right resources, a castle cake it was not meant to be.. hope the BD girl will not mind...

My figurine modelling skills really need brushing up.

Overall, pretty happy with the results. But I certainly have more difficulty covering the cake this time. The weather was so humid, the fondant was 'sweating'.

Added a few more vanilla cupcakes in case the 8 inch cake is not enough.

Looking forward to the next opportunity to bake - Teacher's day! But more likely won't have time to bake for the teachers in my kids' preschool, but maybe the Sunday school teachers in church.

BTW, just bought a nice new digital SLR!! I hope this means the end of bad pictures!

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gina said...

hi, put fondant in an aircon room with aircon on. aircon air is cold and DRY. It will dry up the fondant. But if you put it in the fridge, it will sweat again. Because fridge air is cold and wet. :)