Thursday, August 28, 2008

My fondant-covered cake experiment

I have always liked the look of fondant covered cakes. They always looked some clean and pretty. However, have not yet mastered enough courage to try make it. Plus I really don't think I like the taste of fondant.

Anyway, I finally tried it and the result is excellent!

Look how smooth the cake is. Cake is a 7 inch moist chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache. I only spreaded a thin layer of ganache, fearing that too much may 'melt' the fondant.

Wrapped the cake with fondant ribbon.

I kept the cake in a box, on the dining table for about 4 days. Low and behold, the cake still looks as pretty, more importantly, it is still edible, albeit a wee little bit dry. Am very happy with the results of this experiment!

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