Thursday, December 11, 2008

Little Nathalie not well again...

Nathalie started running a fever on Sunday evening. Non of us in the family has the flu nor fever, so did not know where she got it from. We monitored her through the night, thankfully the fever never went pass 38.5 degrees.

We waited till Tuesday to bring her to PD, as Monday was a public holiday. PD advised to admit her into hospital! I was shocked, never realised that it was that serious. PD advised that fever might be dangerous for infants and could be due to 1) viral infection (least serious), 2) urine infection, 3) blood infection or 4) brain infection (most serious). As she was still alert, the last possibility was ruled out, praise God!

We decided against admitting her, so we proceeded with urine and blood test.

The urine test did not hurt her, though we had to wait a long time for her to urinate into the bag. But the blood test, a needle inserted into the back of her hand, ouch! My MIL say this is the most painful way to draw blood, double OUCH!

Hubby activated cell group for prayers. We are so blessed to have a group of prayer warriors.

Blood test revealed that she has a viral infection. Thankfully, the fever subsided within the day. But thereafter, she broke out in rashes all over face, body, limbs. Consulted PD again. Since there is no fever, dengue is ruled out, asked to monitor her situation.

Today, the rashes had subsided somewhat. Praise the Lord for His mercy. Will continue to monitor her and keep her in prayers.


gina said...

the blood test reminds me of my little girl who had the same fever and blood tests done when she was a tiny baby. She had it worse..was admitted to Mt Alvernia and she stayed there for 3 days under close observation. And yes, she had a viral infection too..complete with rashes. Found out she had false measles. She recovered on the 5th day and was discharged. Church prayed for her..families and friends too. God is merciful, I will keep her in my prayers too. Take care!

bakeAstory said...

Hi Gina, yes, God is indeed merciful. Thanks for keeping Nathalie in your prayers.