Monday, May 4, 2009

Long weekend

A long weekend feels even longer when the oven's not working. Yes, the oven is down, had been down since two weeks ago. Which explains the long silence on the blog.

Spoilt a batch of portugese egg tarts the other day when after more than half an hour in the oven, the pastry refused to 'puff' up. The oven was supposed to be at 220 degrees, yet I can touch the pan with my bare hands!

The last two weeks had been bad too.. hence no time to call the service center.

Nathalie's rashes had been getting worse. Visited the docs three times in a week! The last visit was to KKH to see an allergy specialist. Took blood test to test for milk, wheat and nut allergy, will know the results tomorrow. The specialist also introduced a 'wet wrap' treatment for her, which includes through mosisturizing, then letting her wear a set of damp pyjamas followed by dry ones. As uncomfortable as it sounds, it really worked. After a couple of days of wet wraps treatment, her skin condition improved tremendously. We stopped only when she seem to have caught a chill.

Visiting the doctor tomorrow for followup and praying for good results to the blood test.

Gabriel appears to have some insect bites and he could not stop scratching, causing an infection. We tried to get an appointment with a dermatologist in KKH and Skin center, but was told that the next appointment will be late June! But God work miracles and sent help our way. We manage to get an appointment for tomorrow! Praise the Lord!

The oven will be fixed tomorrow. Really looking forward to bake something.

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