Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A new interest - cooking

I hardly ever cook in my life. My only experiences were instant noodles, fried egg and maybe once, century egg porridge. But I've been reading magazines and books on cooking, just never had the guts to start.

You know, even when I bake chicken pie, the fillings were cooked by my domestic helper. So is the filling for my pineapple tart. I am hopeless when it comes to using the stove. But now we use the induction cooker and I feel it is more manageable. The 'fire' comes in a range of degrees - 120, 150, 180, much like the oven.

I was inspired by the Ngoh Hiang recipe posted on the Sunday times on 10th May. And last weekend, I was hit by the 'cooking bug'! I even visited the wet market (I probably can count the number I times I was in a wet market using a single hand).

On Saturday, I made wantan noodles and Ngoh Hiang.
On Sunday, I made 'Braised pork ribs with pumpkin' and 'three cup chicken'.

I thought it was quite a feat for a beginner and the results were good. Even hubby was impressed. I am extremely motivated. Look out for my posts.

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