Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kitchen Capers store

Since Gina of Kitchen Capers opened her store in Kallang Bahru, I've been meaning to visit. And I finally did last Tuesday, 9 June, during lunch time.

I picked up quite a few things, had a very nice bowl of soya chicken noodle at the hawker center and had a chat with the very friendly Gina. Gina was very generous with her tips on decoration with fondant when I asked her some questions.

These are the things that I picked up:

Valrhona chocolates!

Never buy them before. Was looking forward to bake the chocolate crinkles featured on Sunday times. These chocolates will be perfect.

Fondant. I've tried quite a few brands and also homemade ones, but not these. I heard these are quite good, but it feels really soft.. am worried that it might be difficult to cover cakes with. But Gina say they work fine, so I bought two packets to try.

Miscellaneous - lollipop sticks -> for making cheesecake pops when I get the time. Silicon cups in rainbow colours... will be perfect for cupcakes and environmentally friendly too.

The Kitchen Caper store is located at:
Kitchen Capers
Block 71 #01-531F
Kallang Bahru
Singapore 330071
Tel: 6392 0159 Fax : 6392 0259
Opens daily from 10am to 9pm


Gina Choong said...

Yves, have you tried the chocolate fondant yet? A few of my customers have and told me its very good.

bakeAstory said...

Hi Gina,
Yes, I just did. I used both the chocolate and white ones to cover cakes. Its very easy to work with, I was very thankful. Will be posting pictures of the cakes soon. However, I do find it a little soft for modelling. Will try with a little tylose powder that I got from your store.