Friday, July 17, 2009

A 'Present' Cake

How time flies! I have not posted a single entry in more than a month!

Had been busy at work and at home, can hardly find time to bake or cook. But July is a special month. July 12th is Samantha's birthday. She turns four this year.
Most times, she makes me really proud of her. She adores her baby sister and is always the loving, considerate big sister. She knows her 'please' and 'thank yous'. When we share a slice of cake, she'd ask 'mummy, do you want anymore?', before she ate up the rest of the cake. When I complain of aches, she'd immediately massage for me and ask 'Is this better?'. She is a sensible, sensitive little girl.

But she has an extremely stubborn streak and throws her fair share of tantrum regularly. Meal times are a struggle too, unless its at McDonalds.
So for my little girl, I have baked a total of three cakes for her. This is the first one, for celebrating with the cell group. Its not for her alone, but for all who were born in month of July.

A chocolate cake covered with chocolate fondant (I bought from Kitchen Capers) and decorated with pink fondant ribbons.

It looks too boring, so I added a gift card.

Then I added a little bear.

Bear is totally mobile.

Will showcase the other cakes in another post. Snoozing time....

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