Saturday, July 18, 2009

Princess Carriage

Samantha is like any other girl. Loves pink, cute little things and princesses. Her birthday cake last year was a carousel cake, very challenging. This year, I kept it simpler.

I made a cinderella carriage from gumpaste. With gumpaste wheels. With a little gunpaste Cinderella shoe and a tiny weeny magic wand. I had wanted to mould little mice as carriage-man, but I ran out of time.

It is no where near the brilliant ones that I saw on the internet. Nevertheless, I am happy with the final cake.

You can see many mistakes.. like the number 4, which is wobbly and the ribbons are of different shades of pink. The daisies are there to cover mistakes too. The cardboard that I put the carriage on was slightly bigger than the cake, leaving gaps in between. But I had fun.

Here's princess Samantha.

The party was at McDonald's. She had been looking forward to it since her brother's birthday last October. The children had a wonderful time.

The following day, I had my family come over for dinner and have a mini birthday celebration. I baked a black forest cake but had little time to decorate , as I had to help prepare dinner. And Nathalie was not too cooperative. She cried as she was not too familiar with my family. I iced part of this cake while holding her in one hand. I cheated by re-using the carriage from previous day.

See how terrible the icing was done? Was almost too embarassed to post it here. But see how the children love it.

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Olivia said...

what a beautiful cake... i am sure everyone in the family will love it..