Monday, August 24, 2009

Eh... Flower Bread..?

With the Panda Bread experience, I tried to make a Flower Bread last evening. The result ... eh.. not quite what I had in mind. But little Samantha was very excited and took one slice for supper. She loves anything pink and 'girly' and this bread suits her really well.

The 'petals' were too far apart. It looked like the sun, if only it were all yellow. If I do bake this again, I will make the following changes :

1) Choose a more prominant colour that yellow for the center

2) Increase the pink from 25g to 30 or 35g

3) Instead of alternating white and pink, I'll overlap them a little

4) My hubby suggested green background, I think that's a good idea.

This is how it looked like prior to baking.

And after baking.

This time, I took time to roll the dough to the length of the bread tin. But later, I lost patience and did not wait for it to rise to the top (it was getting late and we had not had dinner!) .

What should I try next?


Hazel said...

Lovely ! How about a smiley face bread :-)


bakeAstory said...

That's next on my agenda!