Thursday, August 27, 2009

Relax ..

When I have to create a birthday cake for someone, I think about their profession, their hobbies, their favourite past time etc.. so that the cake can be meaningful to them. Which is also why I named my blog bake-a-story, as each cake can tell something about the receipient i.e. the baked goods can tell a story.

This cake tells of someone who needs to relax perhaps by having a nice long spa.

I had very little time to create this cake as it was needed on a weekday. I made the sponge cake and while it was in the oven, explored the cakecentral website for ideas. It had to be simple as I had barely 2 hours for the decoration.

This is the figurine I created for the cake.

Me and hubby had a debate about the chest hairs.. whether it should be straight or curly :-)

The ducky companion. My son say adults do not have rubber duckies.

The finished cake. I did not bring my camera.. so picture was taken using my mobile phone.

I added the little feet. You cannot see the tub. I used whipped cream to pipe like a wooden tub.

Cake is sponge cake with super yummylicious durian filling. My brother in law ate three pieces, what a compliment!


FATMUM said...

Hi your cake look simple and nice. :)

bakeAstory said...

Thanks, FatMum.

cherry potato said...

Loh.....your cake decoration is creative oh

bACk in GERMANY said...

Wow... looks yum... and I already feel so relaxed!
I want one for my birthday... but minus the chest hair of course ;)