Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Choo Choo Train & scenery

Here is my son's birthday cake. Took me the whole day! From 9 am in the morning till about 5pm. Baked the cakes from scratch, the bottom is a chocolate banana cake iced with chocolate ganache, top cake is mango sponge cake frosted with whipped cream.

Notice the shark's fin in the water? And the dolphin?

The puffy things on top of the cake are clouds.

The wheels of the train are mini oreos. Trains are fondant cutouts. I had wanted to make 3-D trains but the space between the cakes is not wide enough. Anyway this is so much simpler.

The trees will look better with smaller leaves but I could not locate my smaller 'leaf' tip.

Unfortunately, the chocolate banana cake was not too well recieved at the party, while everyone loved the mango cake. The chocolate cake was too hard as it just came out from the fridge, but tastes splendid when at room temperature.

Here's the cake while work in progress. Generous spread of bananas.

The layers.. I did not fill the cake with enough chocolate ganache...end out with many gaps between the banana pieces.

The two cakes, frosted and stacked.

Sorry about the mess in the background and lousy photography. Must go take some lessons from a good friend who will officially turn full time professional photographer next week!! Congrats, Yu Hsin, on your freedom from the corporate world!


Yilise said...


beautiful cake!

I'm actually searching for someone who can do a blueberry cheeseckae wedding cake in 3-tiers, will you be interested or do you have any reccomendations?

do let me know at lise22@gmail.com?



singairishgirl said...

Wow, that is amazing! I can't create cakes like that. Well done! You really do needs loads of patience. Bravo!