Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A man and what he loves

I think cakes for men are so much harder to design than cakes for women. If all else fails, just add some flowers on the cake and it will look gorgeous. But for man .... a lot more thinking and more work is required.

Created this cake for an uncle of mine. This cake tells a LOT about this uncle: he loves napping, coffee, TV (see the remote control?), reading the newspaper (particularly on stocks) and some dessert. I thought its quite a cute cake, with lots of details. :-)

The couch and sidetable are small pieces of cake smeared with some jam and then covered in fondant. I left it out in my kitchen in our humidity and had the biggest shock when I came home from work, ready to go to the party. The couch and table had melted!! I had to re-create the couch, man (as he was stuck to the melted couch), remote control and side table all in 30 minutes! The only items I could salvage was the coffee, cake and newspaper.

Below was the first set of figurine and details. Notice how 'wet' and sloppy the couch looked. I reckoned I put too much jam beneath the fondant and the fondant was rolled too thin. Lesson learned.

The new couch looks better, but the remote was way too thick... looks more like a phone. Did you notice that little fork on the cake plate?

The first thing my son said when he saw the cake was ' Where's the TV? Mummy you forgot the TV'. I wish I had more space on the cake and a little more time...

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