Thursday, September 20, 2007

3-D House Cake

My colleague and friend had a house warming, a golden opportunity for me to try a baking a house cake. Since its probably a one-off thingy, there was no point to buy a special pan for this.

So, I drew up the following plan based on a rectangular cake.

Here is the end result. All frosted and decorated with fresh cream. Not quite a fan of buttercream.
Front view - foot path lined with stone shaped chocolates. Small pieces of cake shaped into a cone, held in place using a toothpick, then covered with piped leaves. White fence round the sides.

Back view - with friend's last name. I added that because it was getting late and I was too tired to pipe little stars to cover the entire back! Well, that gave it a personal touch.

Many people were amazed by the cake *blush*, some thought it was part of the home decoration *blush* *blush*.


Happy Homebaker said...

Oh, so you use fresh cream (non-dairy whipped cream right?) and not buttercream in all your cakes! That's amazing, as I read that it can be very tricky to use fresh cream to decorate as it is not as stiff. I have been staying away from piping/frosting cakes as I never like buttercream.
You remind me of this video I've seen over at food network recently(,1971,FOOD_16096_51445,00.html) click on the THE CAKE LADY link on the right side, beside the video screen and watch it! She could pipe a rose soooo easily, simply amazing!!!

bakeAstory said...

I am no fan of buttercream either. Actually, I find fresh cream much easier to frost cake with, but buttercream is easier to pipe with and holds the shape better. Another advantage of fresh cream is that it is easier to clean-up after.

ARCHANA said...

wow the cake looks amazing,

mee too not a fan of butter cream and i dont like fondant taste too i prefer whipped cream.

what brand do you use?till now i have never used non-diary one i just bake cakes for my family .

and can i add fondant figurines on fresh cream frosting do they stay good.

thanks for your help