Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Heart Shaped Cake to say 'Thank You'

My MIL helps me with my two young children and I am extremely grateful to her for dedicating her time and energy on my two bundles of endless energy :-)

So one of the very first cakes I baked and decorated was one to convey my heartfelt thanks.

The idea was taken from one of Wilton's cake decoration books. The borders are piped rosettes - bigger rosettes for the bottom border and smaller ones on top. I also made small icing sugar flowers in pink and white, let them dry out, then placed them onto the rosettes at the top border.

Through this cake, I learned that icing sugar decorations are NOT meant for the refrigerator! The little flowers softened and lost its shape. Thankfully, it did not drip down the sides... so the cake still looked pretty.

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