Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pig Pen

Currently on business trip in Dubai. In the air-conditioned comfort of the hotel room, away from the blistering heat. Its REALLY hot hear. Singapore is hot, this is searing hot.

Thought I'd just share this cake, one of my favourites, before I turn my attention back to the slides that I am supposed to present tomorrow. :-)

Cake was baked for brother-in-law who was born in the year of the pig. Cake design was inspired by Debbie Brown. She used all fondant, but I am not quite skilled in using fondant to cover cake yet, so mine is all in fresh cream, except for the little piggies which are fondant.

Sorry about this pic, a little blurry, but the only one I have with the Happy B'day sign. Sign is fondant wrapped round a piece of biscuit.

This one is a slightly different view. You can see the little pig with flower on its head. So adorable, right? Did you see the one with back view? Notice the curly tail?

Here are the piggies, drying in a pan.

Got to go! Presentation slides waiting.....

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