Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I love to decorate my cakes with piped fresh cream roses. Why? Because it is easy (once you get the hang of it) and it NEVER fails to impress. :-) People always ask 'You did that?' 'How?!'.

This is my first rose basket, created at the end of my cake decoration class in March.

This one's for my mum's birthday, roses and scrolls.

This is one of my favourites, baked for Mother's day in May 2007. Isn't it lovely?

Baked this next one when we were invited to a friend's place for dinner. Its a black forest cake with lots and lots of fresh cream roses.

This is the most recent one. Baked when we are invited to a church gathering for new comers. We are currently settling down in QBC.

Are you having an overdose of roses yet?


Happy Homebaker said...

Oh, your cakes are amazing! Your piping skills are excellent!

ka..t said...

I like your Mother's Day cake too. :) I tend to like only single or 2 colours on my cake, not a big fan of multi-colour cakes!

petit four said...


Your bake for mother's day just gorgeors ! will you share tips on how did you handle fresh cream in our "hot" climates? any "stabilize" agent to be add in like gelatine?


bakeAstory said...

happy homebaker, thanks for your compliments! I really love your site too.. always checking out your bread creations.. as I am currently in a bread craze now!

ka..t, for me, its the theme/message that matters, not so much the number of colours.

Actually, I just whip up the cream, put into the piping bag and pipe away.. no stabilising agent added. But I'd advise to put the rest of the cream you need later into the fridge. If the cream that you are working with gets too soft, put in back into the fridge for 15 minutes before using again. And of course, use non-dairy cream!

ARCHANA said...

excellent amazing marvellous fantastic awsome....hmm am short of words the roses loook gorgeous