Friday, September 21, 2007

Fisherman cake

My husband is an avid golfer turned avid game fisherman.

On his birthday in March this year, I baked him a cake capturing him in his favourite hobby. This is my first attempt at figure modelling using fondant. As it was a weekday, I had to squeeze in cake baking and decorating into my busy work schedule. Baked cake the night before. It was a carrot cake, so the preparation and baking took a loooong time. Frosted and decorated the cake (without the figure) in the morning before going to work. Made the figure half an hour before leaving for the restaurant in the evening. Here is the result.

See how the guy look cross-eyed? He certainly looked funny. But I was glad that the cake looked good overall and tasted great too.

Did another fisherman cake recently, in July. I think this time I did a better job at figure modelling. At least can see his fingers and toes. :-)

Other details in the cake includes - a sailfish, star fish, bait box with worms, crab (hidden behind the boat).

I had some problems with this brand of non-dairy cream, cannot remember the brand, but its made in U.S. Not easy to handle and gets 'hole-y' when handled too much.

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