Monday, September 17, 2007

Sharing My Creations

I got interested in baking three years back when I bought my son's first birthday cake from a home baker. The cake tasted great and I was inspired to create my own personalised cakes at home. I chanced upon Creative Culinaire on the web and without hesitation, signed up for Chef Judy's cake baking and decoration classes. Chef Judy is really a gem of an instructor!

This is one of my favourite cakes baked with tips learned from the lessons. Its for my son's third birthday last year and his favourite cartoon is Winnie the Pooh.

My oven is small, so I had to bake two ten inch cakes and join them together :

Then I trace the picture I want with chocolate and use marshmellows as decorative borders :

Finally, fill in the colours. This took me ages! But the result was good, the cake was very well received. :-)

Will be sharing more of my creations. But I'd probably start with the ones I created in the past. Being a working mother of two, juggling work, family and hobby is certainly not easy!


Happy Homebaker said...

I wish I can have this for my birthday!! I have a soft spot when it comes to pooh and his friends! and these baby pooh & friends are so cute! what a great job! and welcome to the blogging world :)

ka..t said...

So pretty your cakes! Hard to imagine you've only started not too long ago. You look like you've been decorating for years! :)

If you don't mind me asking, how do you trace a picture to your cake? If you put a picture on top of the cake, then you cannot draw on the cake, right?? Thanks for your help!

Ellena said...

Hi there i come across your blog from Happy Home Baking's blog and Wow.. this cake is so lovely...Esp the baby pooh that u draw and deco with.... so beautifully done.. !!!!

bakeAstory said...

Thank you, thank you for all your kind words.

ka..t, i learned the technique from my cake decoration class. Put a piece of plastic over the desired picture, trace the outline using melted compound chocolate. Put the plastic on flat surface, put into fridge to let the chocolate set. After set, turnover plastic and carefully place the chocolate outline onto cake. Viola! Must remember that the picture is in reverse. When I next do this, I'll try to remember to take step by step photos to share on my blog.

ka..t said...

That's clever! Thanks so much for sharing! :)